Sunday, August 14, 2005

About This Blog

This blog is presented below, on one large web page, in reverse chronological order. Here is a table of contents in the actual chronological order, with brief descriptions and links to a separate page for each entry. You can click any image to see a larger version of it.

Tuning Up - July 9 - Pre-trip notes on African music

Kilimanjaro to Ndutu - July 18 to 24 - On safari in Tanzania

Western Serengeti to Fort Portal, Uganda - July 25 to August 3 - Safari, then gorillas in Uganda, then first days at Kasiisi School

Kasiisi School Days: Dominic's Walk - August 5 - A student's long daily walk to Kasiisi School

Teaching and Learning at Kasiisi School - posted August 11

Kanywara School, and Kiko Too? - posted August 13 - Nearby schools that are, or may become, funded in part from America

Kasiisi School Days: Teaching with Beatrice - posted August 14 - Chicka Boom Boom! among new friends

From Fort Portal to Kampala in 10 Million Years - posted August 14 - Larger context including geology, ecology, change, and challenges facing Uganda, her people, and her schools

What Next? - posted August 14 - How to work best with colleagues and friends in Uganda and America?


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